3-time Emmy Award winning Comedian & Writer, Mark DeCarlo, sees the world funny. His bestselling travel guide, “A Fork on the Road: 400 Cities, 1 Stomach,” was just the beginning. In his popular blog for HuffingtonPost, Mark continues the comedic reporting on his travels around the globe, bringing his wit and insight to every nook and cranny of the map.

The companion videos included in his blogs offer a humorous take on the typical ‘travelogue,’ featuring the people, places and events that Mark seeks out as he continues his odyssey to find the entertaining heart and soul of the regular, everyday folk that populate the best parts of our world.

VD and Love Secrets, Italia Style

2014-02-14-IMG_0689-thumbMy first memory of the sham known in America as Valentine’s Day goes back to Miss Malub’s 3rd grade class at St. Joseph’s school in Downers Grove, IL. She’d told us to bring in construction paper and stickers from home that day, but I’d forgotten mine. When she learned that, the Filipina welterweight dragged me to the front of the class, and circled me, Gestapo style, as she relentlessly whined about my lack of preparation. After three nasally orbits, I’d had enough and yelped, “Who cares? It’s just stupid Valentine’s cards!”  She lurched at the chalkboard, launched an eraser at my head and hissed… Read more at Huffington Post CLICK HERE.

High in Hawaii

IMG_5173Wouldn’t you have thought that Hawaii would have been the FIRST U.S. State to legalize pot?  Well, they weren’t, and its not, but you CAN get high in the Islands — about 5,000 feet to be exact.  We did it in an open cockpit, throwback Biplane. It was like barnstorming volcanoes and waterfalls on a cherry red Harley.  We met our pilot, Kevin, at Tropical Biplanes at Lihue airport on the Garden Isle of Kaua’i. He gave us a quick safety briefing, then we climbed in and soared over paradise.  What a great way to start — or finish — a tropical vacation. Kevin has piloted everything from wedding proposals to geriatric thrill rides. Not a bad day job, eh?… Read more at Huffington Post CLICK HERE.

2014 Meets 1939

 2014-01-09-16_QMStacksStarboard-thumbThe Queen Mary began it’s suite life in May, 1936, rolling into the water off Southhampton, England — the same place from which the Titanic departed in 1912 — charged with “spreading friendship among nations.” At that time, only nine years after Lindberg, but the same year Pan American Airways inaugurated Trans Atlantic flights, the Queen Mary was, without question, the most luxurious way to get from America to Europe yet conceived. For three highfalutin years, the ship carried heads of state and celebrities in an iconic style that seems almost other worldly today… Read more at Huffington Post CLICK HERE.

Venezia: Regal Style, Grace, and … Mojitos??

2013-11-16-IMG_1390-thumbThe holidays are a great time to travel to Italy. The crowds are small, the prices are low, but so are the temperatures. If you’re not looking for a sun-splashed beach week on the Amalfi Coast, this may be the perfect time to finally take your romantic trip to Italia.  Regardless of when you go, no trip to the cradle of modern civilization would be complete without visiting Venice, the most incomprehensively amazing city on the planet… Read more at Huffington Post CLICK HERE.

Street Genius in New Orleans

IMG_1856NOLA’s French Quarter is both a garishly pantomimed tourist attraction and the genuine article: a place where cavernous atria of T-Shirt shops and Frozen Daiquiri arcades double as midnight concert halls for street musicians so talented that even Billy Joel would wonder, ‘Man, what are you doin’ here?’ Recently, I found myself back at a fine hotel in the Crescent City. It was 10 days ago during JazzFest. My 20th Jazzfest in a row — not counting the one I missed… Read more at Huffington Post CLICK HERE.

How To Honeymoon: A’ La Roma: Part One

2013-03-22-7YenisipsrooftopcoffeeFive years ago, I was sitting at Gate C8 at Louis Armstrong International airport after a grueling Halloween weekend in New Orleans, unaware that a single sentence I’d soon utter would change the rest of my life…. Read more at Huffington Post CLICK HERE.

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