Feature Film Scenes

Babymoon: 2016

Feature CoStar

Summoned: 2015

Feature: CoStar

Raising Genius

Feature: CoStar

Babymoon: Dinner

Feature: CoStar

Mobsters & Mormons Trailer

Feature: Lead

Sex Sells: Making of Touche'

Feature: Lead


Feature: Lead

Mobsters & Mormons: 3 Little Pigs

Feature: Lead

Finders Keepers:

Feature: CoStar

Mobsters & Mormons: Big, Fat Dinner

Feature: Lead

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Feature: CoStar

Three Days

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Television Scenes

Emmy Award Winning Performer: 2014, 2013, 2012

ABC-TV: Windy City Live

Day of the Apocalypse

Spike TV

Guy Def TV


Guest Star

Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Hugh Neutron

Baby Daddy

Guest Star

The Middle

Guest Star

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Guest Star


Guest Star

Tracey Takes On...

Recurring Guest Star

Reality School


Oliver Beene: Fox

Buddy Fontaine

Shredded: Pilot


Taste of America: Travel Channel 2005-2011

Host, Producer

Studs + Ben Still Show

Host: 580 episodes

searchA Founding Member of the Second City West Coast Company, Mark opened the Santa Monica shows when the Chicago-based improv/sketch comedy University of Bill Murray, Tina Fey and Steve Carell came West. Performing on stage with Ryan Stiles, Andy Dick, Andrea Martin and Richard Kind paved the way to an eclectic array of comedic guest star roles in iconic TV comedies like; Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Tracey Takes Onand a recurring role on the improvised late night My Talk Show.




On Film, in 2017’s The Babymoon, Mark co-stars as reality TV producer Fabrice Mancini. Also in 2017, Mark will direct the comedy Mr. Mojo from his script. The film shoots in Chicago and features a Blues Music greatest hits soundtrack. Also on tap for 2017, Mark takes a dramatic turn as an LAPD Detective on the trail of a gristly murder in A Cloud So High.



Windy_City_Live_ABC_LogoABC’s The Middle and ABC’s On TV, Mark continues on ABC’s Windy City LIVE where he’s won three consecutive Emmy Awards for his comedic sketches.  Recent appearances in Family’s Baby Daddy have added different characters to his menagerie.




Boffo The BearMark’s 2017 main TV event will be the Boffo the Bear show, a hybrid talk/sketch show featuring human guests being interviewed by cartoon comedy legend, Boffo the Bear. The show will be the first cartoon show in TV history to shoot in front of a live studio audience.  Recent pilot seasons netted Mark leading roles in; Jason Lee’s Shredd and Bar Car, but unless you’re one of the exec’s who cancelled them, you wouldn’t know that.




Vlcsnap-2012-12-01-11h31m26s90Mark originated the role of scatter-brained dad, Hugh Neutron, in the Academy Award nominated Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, and continues playing the duck-loving, pie-scarfing dad in the hit Nickelodeon TV series. He’s also Lefty the Wrench on Disney’s Handy Manny series.